Month of the Snake

The Snake – 3 tips to balance your Qi in Fire

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The month of the Snake is the first month of the Summer period according to the Xia calendar. Our “Western” way of dividing seasons defies May as a spring month and summer starts only in June.


But the weather and Qi according to this ancient calendar is changing significantly during the first few days in May.


The Snake month is holding a few different type of energies. Below I am sharing some of the most important insights about the Qi of May and also a few tips on how to balance Qi during May and June.


The Main Qi of the Snake month – FIRE


The Fire element is the most important energy during May. Fire is one of the 5 Elements Circle, which is considered a basic principle of Chinese Astrology.


Fire stands for movement, passion, excitement, speed & action. If you need more movement, more action and development in your life you definitely need FIRE energy. For some people though FIRE can be a very negative element. Depending on your birth chart, you can have too much or too little FIRE.


The entire summer season and May also can be a very stressful period for a lot of people, especially those that are not able to make decisions and keep delaying things.


3 Tips on how to balance Qi now


Balance Qi with Food – to give your liver some rest


If you like spicy food it is not the best month to consume too much of really strong spiced soups, meat or vegetables.


Use the following mild spices instead: parsley, basil, savory (satureja hortensis). Savory might be a plant you have not used yet but you might want to give it a try if you like black or white pepper. Savory is much easier to digest then pepper, your liver will be very thankful for this!


Balance Qi with Waterto increase kidney energy


Drinking a bit more water during the day is the perfect balancing act if we talk about strong Fire influence. It is something very obvious for all of us but general health research shows worldwide that we simply don’t drink enough water!


Balance Qi by consuming less Coffeeto increase liver energy


Consuming too much coffee can affect your general energy level negatively. Coffee is known to have a short-term diuretic effect (increases urination) and drinking several cups of coffee a day makes your body lose too much potassium.


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