What is Chinese astrology and what can it do for you?

Chinese astrology basics

♥ The principle of yin-yang

Yin-yang is actually two parts of the One – two opposing forces which do not exist without each other. According to Chinese philosophy, the world is a unified whole. But the whole is a unity of two opposing forces. They can be separated, but they do not exist without each other. The two poles together form unity.

One of the basic principles of Chinese philosophy (especially Taoism) is that all phenomena in the world contain yin and yang. The yin and yang can be found in nature: the day is yin, the yang is night. In motion and non-motion: slow is yin, fast is yang. Female is yin, male is yang.

One of the trends of Chinese philosophy in Taoism is that nothing can exist by itself or for itself. Every phenomenon involves the possibility of change and the opposite. So we can say that the world consists of a constant change of Yin and Yang forces. These forces are normally in balance. They can not exist without the other, because they keep each other in motion.

♥ The Five Elements Theory

The five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. According to the Chinese philosophy, all things contain the characteristics of the five elements, and their proportion determines the properties of things. Each element has yin and yang that is why we have Yin Wood, Yang Wood, or Yin Earth and Yang earth.

Natural phenomena and parts of the Earth can also be characterized by the five elements. But we also describe body parts, internal organs, even food and flavors with the help of the Five Elements.

♥ The 12 animals

Chinese astrology has thousands of years of history. It is based on Chinese philosophy and its main features are the Five Elements Theory, the yin-yang balance and the 12 animals.

Chinese astrologers have prepared a calendar called the Ten-Thousand Year Calendar. They marked each day, month and year with Chinese signs. These signs mark animals. The 12 animals correspond to 12 months of the year.

Chinese astrology works with the image of the following animals:

Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, Ox.

One of the most widespread stories depicts that Buddha called the animals to be present at a certain time and place. Their order of arrival determined their place in the calendar.

Few of us know that Chinese astrology places a great emphasis on the Five Elements Theory and uses it in the astrological analysis.

Chinese astrology therefore combines the principle of : yin-yang, the 12 animal symbols and the Five Elements Theory. The knowledge gathered over the centuries has been recorded in a calendar that has been used by Chinese astrology practitioners to date.

The name of the calendar is The Ten-Thousand Year Calendar.

This calendar is not found in every home on the bookshelf. So if you want to know what animal sign represents the year of your birth, please take a look at the below list.

To determine which sign and element represent you, look at the last digit of the YEAR of your birth:

• The last digit of your birth year is 0: Yang Metal
• The last digit of  your birth year is 1: Yin Metal
• The last digit is 2: Yang Water
• The last digit is 3: Yin Water
• The last digit is 4: Yang Wood
• The last digit is  5: Yin Wood
• The last digit is 6: Yang Fire
• The last digit is 7: Yin Fire
• The last digit of your birth year is 8: Yang Earth
• The last digit of your birht year is 9: Yin Earth

♥ What does your birth chart tell you about Chinese astrology?

Chinese astrology, based on your birth chart (year, month, day, hour), gives you insight about the following:

♥ Who You Are:

-describes your personality
– describes your skills
– shows your weak and strong points
– helps to get to know yourself
– shows your hidden abilities and talents

♥ What is your relationship? / Why don’t you have one?

-describes why you love that particular male / female (type)
– what kind of partner suits you

– how do you behave in a relationship
– what is your wish in life

♥ What career suits you? Dou you have the skills for that?

– describes which is the best career for you
– shows whether you can start a business or not
– what is worth or not worth doing in that year
– what you should do in a 5 year (10 year) period and what you should avoind
– how do you handle money
– where are you going to go fail / what’s going to cost you a lot of money

♥ Career Change?

– company or private business ?
– Can I do it?
– shall I do business with family/friends/third party?
– what level is my perseverance?
– shall I work for a small or large company?
– what department?
– what function?

The Chinese astrological analysis shows you how to have a balanced relationship, have a good job and keep your health – and how to do this the easiest way!

♥ It never decides – you make the decision.

By analyzing the different areas of your life, Chinese astrological analyisis maps, suggests and guides.

The tips in the analyis help you to make your decisions.

This blog is about Chinese astrology and minfulness.

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